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Angels Take Flight! Tequila Ángel Bendito's Blanco, Reposado, Añejo and Extra-Añejo take flight. We knew you wanted supreme quality, we knew you required total pureness, we knew you needed heavenly smoothness. Well, now your prayers have been answered. We present you Ángel Bendito 100% Agave Ultra Premium Tequila.

AM 830As good Angels, we are big fans and supporters of the Angels of Anaheim, AM 830, and Angel Stadium of Anaheim. Click here for pictures from a game that Angel Tequila sponsored at the Angel Stadium .

What the media is saying about Ángel Tequila

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Our Angels already gave a lot to talk about in magazines, radio, internet and among bartenders. Check out some of their comments:

Exquisitely styled and balanced. Impressive! (Rated as "Exceptional" and Gold Medal Awarded) - The Beverage Testing Institute

Smooth, with great packaging, poised to be the next great Tequila for the City of Angels. - BIN Magazine

10 top Tequilas to try. - IMBIBE Magazine