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By selecting the best agaves from the highlands of Jalisco comes Tequila Angel Bendito. A noble beverage, authentic, 100% agave made with passion and care by hands devoted to the art of Tequila production.

After slow cooking, patient fermentation and a strict selection that takes into account only the heart of each distillation, Tequila Angel Bendito Blanco is born, bottled directly after distillation to bring forth a premium beverage, specially made for connoisseurs.

Tequila Angel Bendito Añejo is aged three years in American white oak barrels, which brings on an incomparable flavor, body, aroma and softness.

A perfect point of equilibrium between Tequila Angel Bendito Blanco and Tequila Angel Bendito Añejo is Tequila Angel Bendito Reposado, aged at least eleven months in American white oak barrels, much longer than the two months required for reposados by Mexican law.

With more than 6 years of patient aging, Angel Extra-Añejo and Angel Limited Edition are the newest adittions to our tequila portfolio.